After years of being a professional speaker and hosting training conferences for people who want to become speakers, the #1 question I'm asked is:  

    •    How do I land my first paid speaking engagement?

People aren’t asking me how to book $5,000 or $10,000 engagements (at least, not yet). All they want to know is how to book their first $500 or $750 speech.

That's why I created a brand new video masterclass entitled: "YOUR FIRST PAID SPEECH: How to Land Your First $750 Speaking Engagement Without Having a Huge Platform or Being a Best-Selling Author.” 

Here's what you get in this Online Course and Community:

  • Video recordings of all 6 one-hour modules (see descriptions of each module below)
  • PDF handouts for each module
  • Audio recordings of each module, so you can listen on-the-go
  • Templates of forms and tools I use in my speaking business

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for ongoing growth and learning

The best part... this online masterclass course and community is ONLY $995 (discounted from $1,500). 

Register now and I'll help you move from DREAM to DO as a speaker!

Kent Julian

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    FREE: "9 Ways to Get Paid as a Speaker"

    • 9 Ways to Get Paid as a Speaker

  • 2

    Read this first

    • Course Outline

  • 3

    Module #1: How to Decide What to Do First as a New Speaker

    • Module #1 PDF Handout

    • Who is Kent Julian?

    • How much previous experience do I need?

    • Can I start doing side-hustle as a speaker while keeping my full-time job?

    • What kind of speaker will I be?

    • Do I need an online presence before I start?

    • From DREAM to DO Action Steps

    • Module #1 Audio

  • 4

    Module #2: How to Pick a Speaking Topic That Pays

    • Module #2 PDF Handout

    • A word about $$ ...

    • How do I know what topic to speak on?

    • How do I know if my topic is profitable?

    • How do I make my topic unique?

    • How do I describe my topic?

    • How many topics do I need?

    • From DREAM to DO Action Steps

    • Module #2 Audio

  • 5

    Module #3: How to Craft a Signature Speech

    • Module #3 PDF Handout

    • What is a signature speech?

    • Why is a signature speech important?

    • How do I develop an unforgettable signature speech?

    • From DREAM to DO Action Steps

    • Speaker Intake Form

    • Module #3 Audio

  • 6

    Module #4: How to Find the People Who Hire Speakers

    • Module #4 PDF Handout

    • A word about niching…

    • Where do I find meeting planners who book speakers?

    • How do I pitch myself immediately without previous experience as a speaker?

    • How do I pitch myself over the long haul without being pushy?

    • From DREAM to DO Action Steps

    • Module #04 Audio

  • 7

    Module #5: How to Stand Out from Other Speakers Similar to You

    • Module #5 PDF Handout

    • What is niching?

    • Why is niching important?

    • How do I niche myself as speaker?

    • How do I differentiate myself from other speakers who speak on the same topic?

    • From DREAM to DO Action Steps

    • Module #05 Audio

  • 8

    Module #6: How to Set Fees Without Underselling Yourself

    • Module #6 PDF Handout

    • Speaker Agreement Sample

    • Fee Schedule Sample

    • What kind of speeches are most likely to put cash in my pocket?

    • What are the secrets to setting fees?

    • Should I ever negotiate my fees?

    • Should I ever speak for free?

    • How do I talk about my fees without sounding manipulative or pushy?

    • From DREAM to DO Action Steps

    • Module #06 Audio

About the instructor

Professional Speaker and Business Leader

Kent Julian

I’m a family man, a professional speaker, a successful lifestyle entrepreneur and a proud bald guy, but this wasn’t always the case.  I started out as an at-risk kid with SAT scores so low I had to take Developmental Studies just to get into college — on probation. From these humble beginnings, I went on to lead a national youth organization that helped teenagers just like me.  After 20 years in non-profit work, I did something crazy…I launched a lifestyle business called Live It Forward which helps individuals and companies move from DREAM to DO in their performance, productivity and profits.  As a professional speaker, consultant, and writer, you can find my work online in cool places like,, the Huffington Post and more.  I also work with people who want to become speakers in both their presentations skills and business strategies.Speaking is the #1 part of my business.  I present in 40-50 venues to 40,000-50,000 high achievers each year. 

What People are Saying

It works! I have been using the exact plan Kent taught me for booking paid speaking events. It’s definitely paying dividends. I have recently booked my first 3 paid speaking engagements using his methods. A big thank you Kent!  

— Tom Henricksen

I’m so excited. I have 4 PAID engagements coming up in the next 3 months all because I really know my message, I know who needs my message and I know how to find the people who book speakers for my message. THANK YOU Kent Julian!”   

— Jill Davis

“Kent… you have the gift of being able to encourage and sometimes give a gentle nudge in the direction of a successful speaking career. It’s so exciting to start booking speaking events. I have booked 6 paid speaking engagements so far! Yeah!!”

— Brenda Nevitt

"When I first went through Kent Julian's speaker course, I was just a girl with a dream clouded by fear and doubt. Kent provided me with a clear blueprint, action steps, and tangible goals to help me make my dream a reality. Less than 3 months later I was paid to speak. A few months later I booked my first $750 paid speaking engagement and have two more right behind it. Thank you, Kent!"

— Katie Bulmer

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Learn How to Land Your First $750 Speaking Engagement Without Having a Huge Platform or Being a Best-Selling Author.